Criminal Mischief / Arson (2020-014006) – At approximately 10:43 pm (06/01) deputies responded to the K&S at 501 30th Ave E. after receiving reports of 2 unidentifiable males each throwing Molotov Cocktails towards the store front. One landed short in the parking lot and the second hit above the main doorway causing a minor fire. 2 windows, as well as the sign in front of the store were broken with large rocks. The damage is estimated at $1500. A citizen passing by noticed the small fires, called 911, and then put the fires out.

Deputies assisted the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office with a peaceful protest at UTC that moved from the mall into the intersection of Cooper Creek Blvd and University Pkwy. Protestors blocked the intersection a couple of times for about 15 minutes each. By 11:00 pm it was over and most of the people left.

Criminal Mischief (2020-014007) – At around 10:52 pm several people, believed to have been with the group at UTC went to the Walmart at 8320 Lockwood Ridge Rd., got out of their vehicles and began running toward the strip mall to the west of Walmart. Deputies could see a group of people in front of Shah Jewelers (8388 Lockwood Ridge Rd) but were unable get to the location before one subject threw a hammer through the front window, setting off the alarm. No one made entry into the store. The owner was on scene.

Loitering / Prowling, Burglary with Arrests (2020-014011) – Deputies participated in a proactive operation at the Ellenton Outlet Mall due to the recent county wide crime trend. At approximately 11:53 pm multiple vehicles attempted to enter the main entrance but were deterred by locked gates and MCSO marked vehicles. However, a few minutes later, a vehicle drove down the dead end north of the JP Igloo and deputies observed 3 subjects running onto the mall property.

Numerous units responded, along with K9, and SSO aviation. As deputies began checking the businesses they found a broken window at the Nautica store. It was confirmed to have been broken with a small rock and entry was not made into the store. Those deputies continued into the courtyard and within a few minutes observed suspects lying in the tall grass attempting to conceal themselves. After giving verbal commands, 4 suspects arose from the grass and were taken into custody for loitering and prowling. While on scene it was found that a worker that was boarding up the Polo store had his vehicle burglarized.


Caleb Alvarado Black/Male 02/11/2000

Jeremy Morales White/Male 05/22/2001

Zyreke Kinsey Black/Male 12/25/2000

(Juvenile) Black/Male 06/25/2003

Burglary (2020-014020) At around 1:35 am (06/02) approximately 20 individuals stormed the Walmart at the listed location which was closed at the time. When the suspects couldn’t make entry through the general merchandise entrance, they discovered the shopping cart garage door was unlocked and made entry to the store through that opening. The suspects all covered, to include hoods, gloves, and face masks ran through the store, yelling as they pulled items off the shelves and smashed the glass jewelry cabinets. At least one female was observed stuffing items into a plastic bag she had brought with her, as the group fled the store. There were several employees working in the store at the time, but none were harmed or threatened. The investigation continues. Surveillance images are not available yet.

Burglary (2020-014018) – At approximately 1:48 am deputies were dispatched to Boost Mobile at 5241 33rd St E in reference to an alarm. Upon arrival, the front door was smashed out and no one was on scene. When a key holder arrived, she confirmed phone cases/accessories were taken. Several items were collected as evidence. Video surveillance from inside the store was obtained. During this investigation, Bradenton Police made a traffic stop involving several vehicles with multiple people in each car. MCSO detectives arrived and ID’s a couple of the occupants from the Boost Mobile surveillance video.


Eddravian Travon Butler, Black/Male 02/06/01 (Additional arrested are expected)

All of these investigations are on-going. Images and video will be released as it’s available. Anyone with information on these cases is asked to contact the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office at (941) 747-3011 or Crime Stoppers at (866) 634-TIPS.

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