Incident Type: SHOOTING WITH SERIOUS INJURY (JUVENILE) Business/Subdivision: @ Harrison Ranch

Location: 4727 100th Drive E. Parrish, Florida Zone: N30

Victim(s): (Juvenile) Race/Sex: W/M Victim(s) D.O.B: 04/28/2006 (12 YOA)

Other: R.P. Haithan S. Suleiman (Father) Race/Sex: W/M Other D.O.B: 02/27/1977

At around 3:30 pm (01/09/2019) Haithan (father) and his 12 year old son were sitting on the couch in the living room of their residence working on the boy’s homework. At one point the boy got up from the couch and went into his bedroom. A short time later Haithan heard a pop and went to investigate. After checking the garage Haithan located his son in his bedroom with a probable gunshot wound to his head. The parents called 911 and were instructed on how to initiate C.P.R.

E.M.S. arrived on scene quickly initiating an Aeromed response. The victim was airlifted to Bayfront Hospital as a trauma alert. At the time of transport, the victim had a weak pulse and was breathing. Detectives, Crime Scene and a Victim Advocate responded to the scene to continue the investigation.

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