Incident Type: HOMICIDE Business/Subdivision: Elwood Park

Location: 2123 45th St. Ct. East Zone: E40

Victim(s): Robert McCarthy Race/Sex: W/M Victim(s) D.O.B: 10-04-55

Suspect(s): Cody Oxendine Race/Sex: W/M Other D.O.B: 04-12-95

Shortly after 4 am on 04-26-18 deputies responded to a report of a man lying in the doorway of his home in Elwood Park. A neighbor said she believed the man had been shot. When deputies arrived on scene they found the victim, later identified as Robert McCarthy, laying in the doorway with a gunshot wound to his chest. Other neighbors that were out, said they did not hear or see anything.

On 08/03/18 homicide detectives developed Cody Oxendine (DOB: 04-12-95) as a person of interest in the investigation. Oxendine was located in the Henry County Georgia jail on unrelated charges. Detectives interviewed Oxendine in Georgia and learned that Robert McCarty was killed during the commission of a planned robbery by Oxendine. An arrest warrant was obtained charging Oxendine with Second Degree Murder.

On 05/16/20 Cody Oxendine was extradited from Georgia and he was served with his warrant for murder. He is being held in the Manatee County jail on No Bond.

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