On 04/21/2020, at around 7:20 pm deputies observed a man on a green dirt bike run through at 57th Ave West and 14th Street West while popping a wheelie.

The deputy activated his emergency blue lights and attempted a traffic stop but the suspect continued to flee. Per MCSO policy of not pursuing traffic charges, the deputy turned his emergency blue lights off and began to follow the motorbike to observe his actions while requesting assistance from the aviation unit.

The suspect then turned down 12th St E and eventually made it to 61st Ave E where the MCSO watch unit was able to locate the subject in Pride Park. As other deputies responded the suspect continued to flee at a high rate of speed, running through several more red lights.

Several minutes later he jumped off the dirt bike in the 1600 block of University Parkway, scaled a fence at the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, and a ran around inside the air field property. Sarasota Police Officers were in the area and were able to detain the suspect until MCSO deputies arrived to take him into custody.

Once detained, deputies learned the suspect; Zabian L. Williams had two prior convictions for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. He was arrested on the following , with additional charges possible for unlawfully entering airport property.

1. 322.34-2 DWLS 3rd Offense

2. 320.02-1 Failure to register motor vehicle

3. 316.1935-2 Fleeing to elude (active lights and sirens)

4. 322.03-4 Operating Motorcycle w/o endorsement

5. 316.192-1A Reckless Driving

6. 843.02 Resisting w/o violence

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